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Who is Alf for?

No entrepreneur has time to waste in finding the right administrative office, or in reaching out to various people who sometimes do not have the expertise or time required to answer a specific question properly.

alf is made for all entrepreneurs wishing to create a turnkey company, with all the associated services needed (escrow account, direct debit service, insurance, online accountant, quick access to a lawyer, etc.) all with the same level of information regarding documents, and able to intervene only for expert advice with high added value.

In addition to managing the creation of your company and all the related steps, alf simplifies the day-to-day management of your company. We automate all the steps necessary for the smooth running of your company. alf manages, for example, the completion of your mandatory People with Significant Control declaration, your capital increases, the approval of your accounts, the filing of your trademark. For more information, you can consult our page dedicated to the management of your paperwork.

alf manages the paperwork of a diverse clientele: startups, serial entrepreneurs, lawyers, chartered accountants, incubators, be them from France or any other country around the world.

We also offer services for your VAT registration and the management of all your VAT paperwork.

Our services are aimed at all types of entrepreneurs, including those whose main activity is a regulated profession.

To learn more about managing your company's paperwork with alf, please visit our website.


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