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Do I need a bank to incorporate?

During the incorporation process, you need to deposit the share capital of the new company on an escrow account, then to get it back, you will need a bank account under the name of the company that can be opened in a bank or by a bank agent.


The escrow account can be opened for the company with a notary or a lawyer, a bank or a bank agent. The latter returns the capital to shareholders, as it was deposited on the bank account for the company's incorporation process.

This process is usually long and complicated, in France as in other countries, because the internal administrative processes are complicated. Indeed, for instance, you will have to organize face-to-face meetings with advisors, send several emails, share lots of documents, meet answer a questionnaire etc. All these steps are time-consuming and will delay the return of your company's capital to the shareholders, and thus, your whole business.


Alf simplifies all these steps, from the opening of the escrow account to the return of your share capital on your new company's bank account. You get notified at each step of the process. We collect and check all the information needed for the incorporation. You then get your funds returned without any delay.

In order to do so, Alf has implemented a hub of communication. Indeed, we work with notaries, lawyers, bank agents so as to simplify each step of your company's incorporation. You only have to choose the options you want for your company, we take care of the rest.

Please note that the escrow account will only be necessary for the deposit of the share capital as well as its return. You can't deposit your shareholders current account in it.


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