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What is a domiciliary in France?

A domiciliary is a certified company where you can locate your company's headquarters and receive all your business mail.

You can chose a domiciliary installed anywhere in France and share its information with us to incorporate your new company.

For information, alf proposes various cities to locate your headquarters at negotiated terms and rates (scan of your mail, cancellation without penalty).

alf offers to transmit to our network of partners all of the documents necessary for the domiciliation of your company (or registered address). If, however, you decide to locate your company with your own domiciliary (registered address), you should simply upload your agreement in your timeline.

Do you want to change a domiciliary? You can, anytime. If you have chosen our partners, they apply favorable and flexible conditions to match your needs and let you cancel at any time without costs. But do remember that any change will have to be filed with the proper authorities and that these changes are costly. You will need to register before the Court and publish a legal announcement (or two announcements if you change region).

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