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What is the official list of craft activities$7

If you want to carry out one of the numerous craft trades included on the official list of craft activities, you will have to register with the competent Chambre des métiers.

This official list is established by the French government and is intended to inform the craft companies that have less than 10 employees. This list includes about 250 craft activities.

As opposed to industrial activity, craft work is much less divided, repetitive, and manual tasks prevail. Craft activities are rather a matter of know-how: this is the reason why creating a craft company with Alf can make your dream project a reality.

Craft activities form part of this official list because they are legally regulated, that is, the French administration, including the Chambre des métiers imposes specific obligations. Most craft activities cannot be carried out if you do not have the right qualifications (diplomas, certificates, professional experience...). Please note that the orientation training programme (stage de préparation à l'installation) is not mandatory anymore.

The official list is composed of four main categories: services, manufacturing, food and construction. The classification can be found here. We highly recommend that you take a look at it to find the activity that best suits your needs and that you contact a lawyer.

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