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Alf customer stories : Cedric Guérin

Can you introduce yourself?

Cédric Guérin, CEO of Opale Tropical Concept. Opal Tropical Concept is the company behind Tropicalia. It is the largest tropical greenhouse in the world, built under a single dome. It will allow immersion in a unique environment. Tropicalia is both a leisure park and a place for ecological experimentation. The greenhouse will be opened in spring 2022 and is expected to welcome 500,000 visitors per year.

What are your administrative and legal needs?

We needed to create an entity that would carry a company with significant financial challenges, in which the new entrants would invest several million euros.

Why did you choose alf?

alf makes it possible to develop our company by respecting our vision of the project and by preparing its evolution over several years. This solution is reactive, it saves us time. alf was able to meet our specific needs. The tool is adaptable and the human is in principle, because founded by a lawyer. My contacts as experts in the legal field as in technical deployment and automation.

For you, is the future shaped by legaltech?

New technologies allow for more reasonable fees and democratic functioning for the various procedures. With alf, confidence and efficiency are there. I repeat, the human is very present with alf. The experts behind alf accompany us and advise us.