BLOG/So how should you organize the team at launch? Easy: don’t!/

So how should you organize the team at launch? Easy: don’t!

Because the team is so small and the challenges so large, everybody thinks that they are the key person, and will push for the position of CEO. The salesperson thinks that bringing in cash is the most important, with the others being just performers. Someone will think that they’re best with the public, or that it was their original idea, etc.

Stop overthinking the question of roles — they are secondary. Look beyond surface personalities and trust that experienced investors and major accelerators (Thefamily, Paul Graham) will advise you to focus on strong team cohesion for fast growing companies. So before appointing roles, focus on the personality and values of your partners — what’s critical is that everyone exercises flawless leadership together, communicates transparently, and shares an aligned vision and a strong level of dedication.

Only then will you go far enough to decide on roles.