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How to register a patent in France

Registering a patent in France with the French national patent office (INPI) is a crucial step for entrepreneurs who are willing to protect their creations and inventions for a certain period. It will indeed give the owner of the patent a right to exclude others from making, importing, or selling the invention, with an exploitation monopoly. Both the method and what follows are protected under patent.

Besides, the recent PACTE Law is improving the enforcement conditions  of the French patent.

Shall I be the author of the invention to file the patent application?

Not necessarily. The person who files the application can be the inventor themselves, a heir or an authorised representative. If you were several individuals to design the invention, note that the registration is on a "first come, first served" basis. In principle, as in most jurisdictions across the world, the right to a patent lies with the first person to file the application.

Obtaining a filing date really matters: this must be done as soon as possible.

And as such, in France, people usually resort to ushers or to the Soleau sealed envelope as proof of priority.

What will be my duties as a patentee?

You will have to exploit the patent as soon as possible and failure to do so may result in a withdrawal of the right to exclude others, for the INPI chooses to favor technical innovation against impassiveness.

What are the documents needed?

Once the three conditions of patentability assessment are met - the invention must be new, inventive and of industrial type, several documents will have to be submitted in order to identify the author, give details about the invention and its applications in a patent specification, and state the relevant claims about the invention.

Is it an expensive procedure?

Yes, it is! The average cost of a patent registration in France is about 650€, administrative fees excluded.

The INPI also requires yearly payment of maintenance fees to retain the validity of the patent until the end of the term.

For these reasons, alf can help you file an application and register your patent with the French administration: this is your chance to save time, money and energy. Do not hesitate to contact us for further details!