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What are the grants and support available for your new business in France?

What are the grants and support available for your new business in France?

You want to ​​start or take over a business? More than 3000 different solutions are available in France to accompany and support entrepreneurs in each step. At alf, we are experts in this area. Follow our guidance to take your journey under the best auspices.

Financial support and grants


ACRE, in effect since January 1, 2019, is a financial boost. You can benefit automatically and be partially exempt from your social charges for a period of 12 months for a business and 3 years for a micro-business. ACRE is open to foreigners who have their business establishment on French territory. Find all the information here.


ARCE is a financial support dedicated to new entrepreneurs, managed by Pôle Emploi. ARCE allows unemployment benefits to be received in the form of capital. Its amount, paid in two installments, is equivalent to 45% of the amount of the back-to-work assistance allowance. Applicants to ARCE must contact Pôle Emploi and provide an extract from Kbis. As a foreigner, you need a residence permit to be registered with Pôle Emploi. Find all the information here.


If your business is owned at least 10% by students or research professors, you can benefit from assistance giving access to tax relief and social exemptions. The tax exemption is total for the first financial year, then 50%. Social exemptions concern female employees, 50% of whose working time is spent on R&D. Find all the information here.

BPI France

BPI (Public Investment Bank) supports business development through several programs. For instance, you can be granted a bank guarantee of up to 60% through the "Creation Guarantee". Or a cash advance through an "Advance +" credit for one year renewable. For innovative entrepreneurs, the French tech grant represents 45 000 euros in subsidies. Find all the information here.

Business angels

If your team is strong and you have a promising project that can expand internationally and reach a large market, investors may want to back up your business with capital and give them experienced advice. Rely on your network, approach the Poles of competitiveness in your region to request an interview with a business angel interested in the field you are working in.


Crowdfunding has grown strongly over the past decade. Like Kisskissbankbank, Ulule, there are dozens of crowfunding platforms in France. 336 million euros have been raised in 2017 through crowfunding.

Support and facilitation in procedures


NACRE supports a project of creation or takeover of a business for a period of 3 years. It offers for setting up your project, structuring it financially, starting and developing your activity. You must contact the service of your region to benefit from it and check if you meet the various criteria. Find all the information here.

Competitions and calls for entrepreneurs

A a large number of competitions, often thematic, are open to young entrepreneurs. The winners can benefit from strategic advice, funding, the opening of a network, communication on their project, etc. Watch for the calls for competition that correspond to your project.

Automation of your procedures

Providing a Kbis extract, adding a partner, producing administrative files, verifying identity documents, storing documents securely ... administrative and legal procedures are time-consuming for business creators. At alf, we offer a free formula for your simplest formalities. We automate the process to allow you to focus on most of your activities and allow you to move forward with peace of mind.

Do not hesitate to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure, because the opportunities for help, in terms of funding and support, are numerous. The alf teams are there to help you advise you on your start-up, then take care of the administrative and legal tasks with low added value, which you can manage from your platform.