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We assist legal experts facing new productivity goals and recent changes in legal technology.

Firms 2.0 - The future of legal

Lawyers for 20 years, we have been working with technology for almost a decade. We understand the expectations of legal experts (attorneys, assistants or lawyers) and the emerging needs of clients. We practice at the intersection of law and technology thus we created alf. Become a law firm 2.0 instantly.

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We assist you in identifying improvement opportunities and developing responsive legal service delivery operating models.

New services

We help you design effective and controlled legal-business processes to increase efficiency, reduce risk and drive business results by using our legal productivity platform alf.


We help you at each and every step for implementing your legal tech strategy and using alf for automating your legal processes.


Improvement and scaling-up of our platform is easy. We offer workshops and trainings with legal experts to help you find the right way to use alf to improve your productivity and profits.

Legaltech consulting complementary

1 hour consulting offer with a LegalTech expert lawyer* with +17 years experience

*Sabine Zylberbogen, lawyer at the Paris Bar, former legal director at Amazon France, founder and legaltech expert.

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Expert insights and NEWS

alf’s expert insights highlights deep domain expertise and provides information that accelerates business decision process.

Save time and increase efficiency
Save time and increase efficiency
Save time and increase efficiency
Save time and increase efficiency